The Omni-Armor, also known as the God Armor, is the strongest suit ever made by Commander Bryan, surpassing the Ultraman and Demon Armors. It had powers capable of destroying the entire universe. It was made in the invasion of Bill Cipher.

Powers Edit

Incinerate: His signature attack. It's maximum capacity could destroy the entire multiverse.

Magnetic Force: A power shared with the Robo-Ninja cyborg, it can control anything like a ragdoll, even Bill Cipher.

Legend Slash: An incredibly powerful slash of golden plasma. It is his secondary move.

Laser Barrage: Strong blasts of red plasma that, with just minimum power, one shot could destroy a mountain.

History Edit

The Omni-Armor was made for 4 weeks (Commander Bryan's intellect allow him to make strong suits like the Mark 4, in a few minutes, or the Ultraman Suit in 2 days) during the rise of Bill Cipher. It was first tested in the MAX Testing Chamber in the base. It incinerated everything around it, but did not destroy the base. It's first announced use was whe the Demon Armor was destroyed in the middle of a fight with Bill Cipher, it was called on and fought Bill Cipher and was not getting hurt, and he wasn't even fighting back, and it incinerated and cut Bill's minions and made him retreat. It was next used in the end of the Next Generation War when he incinerated Coby.

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