The Gundamio 9X-20 is the first adaption of the Gundamio robots. They were space robots that were made to fight evil aliens. One of them became a member of the Robot Squadron. They can also be used for ground battles. They were first used during the Robot War. Like all the Robot Squadron robots, one of them were internally modified and also had modified firepower.

Abillities Edit

Note: Color does not change power of attacks

Cosmo Ray: A powerful green beam from the green plasma orb. Can incinerate everything except strong suits and robots. Finisher.

Plasma Blasts: It can fire green plasma blast from its hand cannons.

Supersonic Blitz: Flies at the speed of sound and covers itself with green plasma and ramming into the opponent.

History Edit

The Gundamio 9X-20 were mass produced robots that were bred for ground and space combat. They were extremely powerful and fast robots. They were first used during the Robot War. Like all the other robot sub-classes, most of them were destroyed. Soon, only one remained. When the enemy robots combined, the remaining Gundamio, along with a few others, combined to form the Titan EX-200. While it was fighting the enemy, the remaining robots destroyed the enemy robots. Titan EX-200 eventually defeated the enemy by destroying its generator. When Titan EX-200 defused, Commander Bryan awarded them with the honor of being members of his personal robot team, the Robot Squadron. Like all the others, it was internally modified along with the weapons. Like all the other robots, the metal was replaced with titanium, the strongest alloy.

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