The Darklops EX-950R0, codenamed "Delust" are mass produced combat robots. They were giant robots that were extremely powerful. One of the Darklops EX-950R0 robots were made one of Commander Bryan's Robot Squadron, and was renamed Darklops EX-950R0-7X. It was modified to have better firepower than the other Darklopses. The physical appearance of the Darklops was not changed however, but the metal was replaced with Titanium, the strongest alloy in the universe.

Abillities Edit

Note: Red colored plasma does not increase the power.

Missile Barrage: It can fire a barrage of missiles from the shoulder cannons and feet cannons.

Visor Ray: It can fire a powerful beam of red plasma from its visor that can completely disintegrate anything in it's way except extremely durable armors and robots.

Plasma Blasts: It can blast red plasma out of its hand guns.

Feet Missiles: It can fire missiles out of its feet.

History Edit

The Darklops EX-950R0 were manufactured and mass produced during Feb.9 2016. They were built for high risk wars and were extremely powerful robots . They had alot of weapons hidden inside them. They were first used in the first Robot War. Many of them were destroyed except a few. When the enemy's robots combined. the other Darklops EX-950R0 except one were destroyed. It was one of the few robots that were not combined with in order to form the Titan EX-200. While the other robots destroyed the remaining enemy robots, the Titan EX-200 battled the fusion robot and defeated it by destroying the generator. When the battle was over, the Titan EX200 defused and Commander Bryan gave the honor to the remaining robots to be his personal Robot Squadron. They were all given internal and firepower modifications and their metal was replaced with titanium, the strongest alloy

Trivia Edit

The Darklopses are based on the Delusts from the Ultraman universe

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