The Heavy Tank Armor is the second edition of the Commando series, a sub series of the original series, making this the Mark 6.It is made for heavy combat and is extremely strong and is loaded with tons of weapons, some that are hidden.

Powers Edit

Strength: Despite not a power, this armor's strength is one of the highest in the entire roster, surpassing the likes of the Mark 4. The only ones stronger than it in terms of physical strength are the Ultraman Suit, Demon Armor, and Omni-Armor.

Giganto Barrage: His artillery is massive, and his weapons' combination calculated power persume that this attack has enough power to destroy the Plasma Corps. original base. It cannot destroy BryanBot however as it's metal is more durable than the metal made from the Plasma Corps base.

Apocalypse Gunfire: His signature move, but not strongest. He shoots to massive Plasma Beams from his attached handguns. The calculated power of this could destroy the entire roster of the Robot Squadron, except BryanBot, could be destroyed in one hit.

Missile Barrage: A barrage of missiles that are extremely strong. One of them can easily destroy an average building.

History Edit

The Heavy Tank Armor was first made in March 14 2016. It was first tested and had its power calculated. It has currently not been used in any battles so far.

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