The BryanBot X-900 is Commander Bryan's personal robot. It is classified a Hydra robot. It is a Hydra X7-920 EXO with parts from a Cyborgo 3X-28. It is the second strongest robot in his arsenal, only after the fusion robot Titan EX-200. It was first used during the Robot War and destroyed many of the enemies.

Powers Edit

Heavy Missiles: It can fire multiple large and powerful missiles from his cannons..

Energy Beam/Energy Ray: An extremely strong beam of plasma emmited from the Energy Claw. It can destroy even the strongest robots and suits. Finisher.

Plasma Slash: An extremely powerful scythe of plasma. Can destroy strong suits and robots.

Visor Vision: A powerful ray from the visor. Different from the Darklops' Visor Ray.

History Edit

The BryanBot is Commander Bryan's strongest robot and creation, beating the Ultraman Suit by a narrow margin. It was first used and deployed during the Robot War. It destroyed many enemy robots and even fought the enemy's strongest robot. Commander Bryan was controlling the robot and fought his archnemesis and his robot. When the robot fused with the other enemy robots, the BryanBot combined with a few others and formed the Titan EX-200. After quite some time, it finally destroyed the robot by destroying the generator inside. When the battle was over and the robot defused. Commander Bryan honored the remaining robots to be members of his Robot Squadron. BryanBot was deemed the leader of the squadron afterwards.

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